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Our Mission

Sampanna Jeevan Foundation provides care and hope to the destitute children living in the outskirt of Dumraon in the state of Bihar. It Offers services with unconditional love, passion and dedication by its benevolent volunteer members and sponsors,who believe in the dignity of all and strive to uplift the lives of those they serve.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront of regenerating the rhythm of life of the Underprivileged and do whatever it takes to help children shine in by giving them quality education, love and support that will nurture their full potential as caring productive members of our society.

Latest News

Stories of Change

SJF is absolutely worth for CSR Intervention


SJF gives a creative opportunity to fundamentally strengthen business while contributing to society at the same time.Our initiative empowers them with education, job skills and other vital resources, giving them a quality education in one of the most influential, organised, well- networked, resourceful and impactful environment. We, at SJF, not only work at the grass root level, but also maintain a transparency and accountability in managing corporate resources allocated for childrens welfare. SJF ensures proper and effective use of the resources provided under the CSR intervention in the projects, and facilitates effective monitoring and evaluation for the same. We are constantly improving our infrastructure to help more destitute children and you can help us in the noble cause. By committing a small fraction of your income to protect children in need, you can help a child and contribute to humanity. Since every penny counts, you can donate as low as INR 1000 as a single donation per month but we rather appreciates monthly donations where you choose to donate a small fixed amount monthly for us to be able to plan our programmes for a longer term. Being a fresh and young in the field we are soon coming up with the tax exemption certificate for our donors. You can see the updates to know how your contribution is making a difference in a child’s life

Donors feedback

  • Saburi Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit founded solely to help educate the underprivileged kids.
  • Shivang Vijay Singh from Royal Family of Dumraon
  • Abinash, pursuing Higher Studies in USA
  • Software Development Engineer at Groupon, California, USA
  • Anurag, Software Engineer at Samsung R&D, Bangalore
  • Akshat, An Oilfield Engineer

Saburi Charitable Foundation, USA

We will update soon!

Shivang Vijay Singh, Dumraon

We will update soon!

Sreenivasan AC, Software Development Engineer at Groupon

Sampanna Jeevan Foundation is doing amazing grass-root level work in giving free, basic and quality education to underprevileged children, raising awareness in villages, They are very efficient and transparent in their functioning, and have various programmes for development and upliftment of the children.


The Sampannna Jeevan Foundation promotes the cause of education among underprivileged children.
The people behind the SJF have recognized the Chidren to be the bulding block of future and hence have developed programs ranging from education, livelihood. We knows every step counts and this could be one of those steps which helps to eradicate illiteracy in India. I am very beholden and grateful to Sampanna jeevans team for their selfless and priceless countribution to the society


I am fortunate enough to be a part of SJF and am completely overwhelmed with the work and vision this organisation is providing for a social change to a great extent. Their growth is like a tree branching out in all directions. My advice to every individual is that SJFs sense of urgency must not go unnoticed, their passion is exemplary. Great job. Excellent.