Stories of change


Golu lives in a small village in Bihar. He looks the part of a happy-go-lucky in his school uniform with school bag and a pencil in his pocket. He is a sponsored child and studies in 1st standard. His father passed away a few years ago. His mother runs a small tea shop in the village field to earn a living. A few months ago, he was bitten by a poisonous insect. His mother was unable to provide medical support due to poverty, ignored it for a while. As the pain and itching grew unbearable for the child, she took him to a village medicine man who tried to cure her with herbs and concoctions. Her rash and infection spread quickly and boils appeared all over her body. Our team staff sitting over there for a survey heard about his condition and rushed him to a private hospital where they consulted a skin specialist. He was given treatment for 2 months and SJF provided for his medical and healthcare expenses. Today he is with good health and is enrolled to our regular classroom programme, his mother thanks to his sponsor, now he has received a new lease of life.


Sonali , 8 year old girl living in the urban slum of Dumraon, Bihar was forced by her mother to look after her younger siblings while she was away at work. As her father who was addicted to alcohol lost his life due to multiple organ failure, few years back. The girl had to quit her school irrespective of her wish, thus quitting her ambitions too. When the Sampanna Jeevan Foundation’s team approached the family, her mother was initially too adamant to talk. After a few visits full of struggles and barricades, and eventually counseling, our team succeed in sensitizing the family about the importance and relevance of education as the permanent life changing element as compared to the uncertain meagre income drawn by labour. At Sampanna Jeevan Foundation we believe that education is the only hope in enlightening the young minds and raising them as sensible, responsible and productive citizens! Like her, many other ‘not so privileged’ children of those parents working as manual labour, in factories, construction sites or domestic work are enrolled in our Regular Classroom Programme in Dumraon in Bihar. Programme aims at providing the pre-school, non-formal and remedial education to school-goers, dropouts and those who have never been to a school ever. These children are eventually streamlined in the formal education system in the government and private schools.


The story revolves around a young child, named Anil Kumar who was not our discovery rather he discovered us. Anil is survived by his parents and 5 siblings. His mother is a victim of domestic violence. He grown up seeing his father yelling too his mother when he was drunk, He along with his siblings was locked in bedroom in the dark, crying while his father belted his mother. He could hear everything – the yelling, the crying. One day his mother decided to migrate from this place and fortunately came to the place where our centre exists. Somehow she got managed to get a job of a cook but wasn’t enough to make their children study in a good school. Soon, Anil discovered our centre and put forward his desire to study in our school. He aspires to be a doctor. This is the journey of a kid with pain and depression, whom our team has put forward their efforts to reduce the pains of Anil and such other kids to a great extent.


Neetu is a happy and vivacious little girl living with her mother and sisters in a village of Bihar. Her life today is a striking contrast from her journey with pain and sick of child marriage practice. She was six years old when her father fixed her marriage .Her mother, struggled to take care of her three children. It was at this time that Neetu was included in SJF regular classroom programme. Child sponsorship enabled her to have access to education and awareness. She became progressively weak over a period of three years, regularly concerned about her marriage which leads to a point where she could hardly talk to anyone. She experienced a severe setback in her life. Being a child she also dreams of getting good education and much more. Our noble step in convincing her parents about ill effects of child marriage, they turned down the idea of marriage. She is now in the 3rd std. and aspires to be a teacher.